Process Engineering


JM Engineering offers a wide range of customised services to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries from project management of minor projects and plant upgrades to greenfield projects where we have the ability to develop projects from their original concept through to final design, construction, commissioning and handover.

Our in depth knowledge and experience, coupled with our broad range of proprietary equipment and services allows us to tailor our flexible engineering and management solutions to ensure a successful delivery of our services to our clients.



  • JM Engineering caters to a variety of industries, with bespoke project design being a specialty, where our high level of service and attention to detail ensure our client’s outcomes are achieved.
  • We combine our process knowledge with our installation experience to allow both a practical and cost effective solution.


  • We are able to offer process engineering services to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries through process development, modelling and design through to pilot programs and plants.
  • Coupled with process engineering, our management services cover procurement, cost estimating, scheduling, QA and cost control through to project management and construction management.


  • Food and beverage
  • Dairy
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical