Mixing Technologies


JM Engineering has experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying mixers, heat exchangers and other processing equipment to various industries. We understand each industry has its own unique requirements and cater to the range of expectations and budgets through our variety of products and design experience.

Food and Beverage
JM Engineering has experience and expertise in the strict standards and practices applied to the food and beverage processing industries. These industries are subject to strict materials, practices and sanitary standards. Utmost care is taken when working with food and beverage processes to ensure all products remain safe for consumption and of the highest quality.

Chemical Processing
Chemical manufacturing and processing can involve dangerous goods, specialised fluids and extreme temperatures. Combining these factors demands unique engineering solutions. JM Engineering can offer innovative solutions to ensure high standards of safety, outstanding results and reliability from your process.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are some of the most dynamic fields that we service. We understand that they are always advancing and JM Engineering is able to cater to these demanding markets by providing high quality components that service their process needs from small laboratory units through to larger full scale production. Our range of standard and custom impellers ensures that we have the right piece of equipment to suit your application. Coupled with this are our quality control and documentation procedures that ensure we supply high quality components that exceed the stringent sanitary standards. Our knowledge and ability to produce scale up in house testing ensures that we can find a solution to almost any problem.

Water and Wastewater
Water and wastewater treatment is undertaken in many municipals to ensure high standards of sanitary conditions are maintained. Whether the process involves continuous mixing to process drinking water or is utilizing biological, physical and chemical processes to treat wastewater, JM Engineering can supply a solution to the process requirement. Our dynamic mixers and static mixers are used throughout the process of water and wastewater treatment to ensure optimized performance, minimized downtime coupled with ensuring that the fluids are within permitted limits.

Mining and Minerals
JM Engineering can help you maximise your daily operating output and associated profits by custom designing a range of equipment that suits your process requirements from draft tube mixers through to providing equipment for slurry tanks and phosphoric acid tanks. Our in depth knowledge of exotic materials coupled with our extensive impeller range and experienced fabrication staff helps ensure we are able to provide a reliable and cost effective solution to almost any process situation.

Pulp and Paper
We understand that agitation is critical to many operations within pulp and paper mills. We are able to provide a variety of solutions within the pulp mill, recovery areas, coating kitchens and water treatment that is specific to your plant. We are able to provide both top and side entry mixers to suit many applications, coupled with static mixers for rapid blending. Our experience ensures that we are able to provide an optimum solution for your process requirement.