Mixing Technologies

Parts and Servicing

At JM Engineering, we know that breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive. We can supply a complete range of spare parts for all mixers.
This ranges from the smallest fasteners to entire gearbox assemblies and everything in between. Parts are readily available and can be dispatched quickly to any location to ensure as little downtime as possible.

Standard Components - JM Engineering mixers utilise industry standard components where possible. These items are often available in remote locations and can be ordered directly from nearby stockists, reducing handling time, cost and production down-time. Major components such as gearboxes are supplied by multi-national companies to ensure all components are readily available around the world and on-site servicing is available.

In-house Manufacturing - JM Engineering mixers are designed and manufactured in-house. Teamed with our CNC Machining Centre, JM Engineering can quickly and reliably dispatch all major spare and replacement parts (such as pedestals, shafts and impellers) to any location with minimal delay.

Servicing - JM Engineering mixers are built to last! However, from time to time they require a little attention and servicing. JM Engineering mixers are designed in a way to simply maintenance procedures and minimise costs and downtime. JM Engineering can supply on-site or in-house scheduled servicing to maximise the life and reliability of our mixers. Contact Us to discuss an on-going maintenance schedule.